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Susie Ardabili
Susie Ardabili has over 20 years of experience in 100% natural skin care, having demonstrated her expertise while residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Newport Beach, California; and Denver, Colorado. She believes in the beauty of wellness, focusing on positive health, feeling good about yourself, and enhancing the best in you. Each of Susie’s treatments is meticulously designed to allow you to escape to a world of relaxation. Her unique approach engages the body’s natural healing ability, by incorporating a therapeutic touch free of harmful chemicals. Her approach and enthusiasm has attracted women and men who embrace health and natural beauty, including several celebrity clients: Russell Crow, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Cusack, Kirsten Dunst, Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman, Louis Gosset Jr., Carmen Electra, Heather Graham, and Colin Farrell.

Susie Organic Skin Care

Susie Organic Skincare (S.O.S) is an all-natural and organic spa that aims to provide nature-friendly and chemical-free treatments. The quest to preserve youth and replenish years of harmful damage does not require toxic products. As a society, we have come to learn more and more about the benefits of a “cleaner” lifestyle. Just as we meticulously choose the food that we put into our body, the same level of diligence should be awarded to the products that we use on our delicate skin each and every day. We offer a range of skin care regimens.

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Jenna Gold
Jenna GoldAesthetician
Jenna Gold is a Colorado state licensed aesthetician who specializes in treating skin concerns through a variety of techniques. She loves to help clients create homecare and treatment programs that make them feel their best, and therefore becoming a vital part of their beauty and wellness regimen. Jenna specializes in custom facials, dermaplaning. microneedling and chemical peels, and is also certified in cosmetic lasers.

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Lea Gattoni, DMSc, PA-C
Lea Gattoni, DMSc, PA-CMedical Aethetics & Dermatology
Lea has over 15 years of experience in medical aesthetics and general dermatology. She is a Master Aesthetic Injector and a National Aesthetics Trainer. She offers a variety of services including Botox/Dysport, Filler, Sculptra, Kybella, PRP/Vampire procedures, PRX-T33, Hair Restoration, and Women's Intimate Health procedures. She is also passionate about optimizing her patients' health and wellness. Known for her gentle touch and warm personality, Lea creates a relaxing, comfortable environment for her patients, making GATTONI Medical Aesthetics & Wellness a unique and refreshing experience.
Gail Clare
Gail ClareMassage Therapist
- where soul meets body -

Gail has worked as a licensed Massage Therapist for 14 years. She has been an integral member of Susie Organic Skincare for four years, and is now launching Eau De Clare, where clients will continue to receive their excellent services on a new plateau.

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