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CryoClear® freezes at –79° C to a depth that freezes only the epidermal layer, delivering a very safe and clinically effective treatment. CryoClear’s high efficacy – over 95% – combined with less destruction of healthy tissue makes it perfect for treating age spots, sun spots and skin tags.
Whether used as a stand-alone treatment, or in addition to a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment to treat stubborn dark spots on the hands, face and neck, CryoClear offers a better, faster cryotherapy solution with significant benefits for estheticians and their clients.
The highly effective yet gentle cryosurgical treatment for age spots, sun spots, and skin tags.

*Remove 5 spots or more and receive 10% off

  • Hands | 30 min.
  • Face & Neck | 30 min.
  • Body | 45 min.
  • Small Area | 5 min.
  • Mid-size Area | 5 min.
  • Large area | 5 min.
Non-surgical Face Lift with Micro-Current and LED light therapy
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Dermaplaning and Chemical Exfoliation/Facial and Dermaplaning
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